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Midi Playback Delay? GZDOOM

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So I made a midi for Jimmy earlier today for some intermission music- and that was neat. Anyway...thought I would put it in the WIP myself to give some maps a go and for some reason it wasn't playing...so I checked the file and its fine- checked the names etc, all good.

Checked my sound settings- also fine...then after about half a minute it started to play.

It's worth noting said midi has GS instruments in- not XG just standard GS stuff- alternative square waves etc. Playback is fine outside of Gzdoom but for whatever reason inside of Gzdoom there is delay. I tried another midi with GS instruments I made a couple days ago ...and low and behold another delay, but LONGER. Just under 2 minutes...the length of the midi itself.


Anybody know anything about this or have experienced it? Is it to do with the newest audio stuff etc?

It's worth noting for those who know about midi there is a reset event at the very start of the midi so it SHOULD play just fine!


Edit: Included a small wad with said midis in- one being set as D_DM2INT and the other D_RUNNIN


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