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How to create Doom/Heretic/Hexen-style sounds?

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Lets brainstorm the problem of creating sounds similar to those used in Doom, Heretic or Hexen. I'll explain my idea, using CONE3 sound from Hexen as an example:


1. Using SpectraLayers Pro 3.0.17, create 1.4 seconds long empty file.
2. Use Noise Spray tool to hand-drawn spectrum shape, similar to the one in CONE3. Instead of white noise, you can load pre-made sample, that sounds promising, then apply exposure and erasure to it, so it will take shape looking like CONE3 or other sound you're trying to re-create.
3. Save said file.
4. Opened it in Audacity
5. Apply envelope to achieve required volume shape.
6. Apply Wahwah effect, using LFO Freq = 0.5, LFO Start Phase = 0.0, Depth=50%, Resonance=2.5, Wah Freq=30, Output Gain=-6.0
7. Normalize
8. Now copy result to separate track and apply Vocoder effect to it with following params: Vocoder, with distance=60, Number of bands=40, original audio=0, white noise=100, Radar needles=0, radar needles freq=0. That should produce more magical cold-sound texture.
9. Mix result with vocoded copy, moved slightly to the right, producing magical sounding attack build-up.
10. Optionally add Reverb, Delay and Chorus.


Result should sound similar to Hexen one. Here is my result: https://github.com/saniv/free-game-sfx/blob/master/groups/magic/spell329-spell_cast.flac


Do you have any better idea?

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Ideally, there shouldn't be sounds similar to those in Doom, Heretic, Hexen.

Freedoom, Blasphemer and Zauberer all have or will have a unique set of monsters, weapons and player characters, which should sound different compared to their analogues in the games they are free counterpart of. That leaves environment and pick up sounds, but those aren't worth doing a copy of.

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Anyway, I used the above method to make Hexen's SHARDS1B replacement



the license is public domain, and two public domain samples were used in production:


Also, Bram banned me from freesound.org for uploading that recording of hamster burned alive. And he keeps banning my accounts, which I create because his site require registration to download sounds. Tell Bram to stop being a jerk and require people to register just to download a sfx, especially if he plans to ban them right away.

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Just found that Audacity has Barry's Stan Maximiser effect, which produces very strong compression with distortion. Original Hexen audio effects were passed through some bad compressor, which made them sound really heavy, while effects I produced sound really puny in comparison. So here is that shard effect passed through that plugin.



Re-sampling it to 11025Hz would make it sound even heavier.

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