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GZDoom Multiplayer.

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Hi! I am attempting to run GZDoom to host a multiplayer LAN server for myself and my brother. We are both using Linux Mint 18.3. There is a problem. When either of us hosts a game, it can be hosted, but neither of us can connect to each other's game. If I launch it, his end can't find my hostname, and vice versa. Any insight fellow wadist oldschoolexuals?

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>Gzdoom mp

>fellow wadist oldschoolsexuals


i think you want to use a different port

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If you're looking for oldschool, consider playing another port as GZDoom does a poor job of emulating classic feel "out of the box".


If you're looking for ease of use DEFINITELY do not use GZDoom.


If you are dead set on getting GZDoom to work, maybe something in this thread can help.

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ZDaemon for Classic Doom

Zandronum for Megaman 8Bit and Complex Doom 



But you can still setup your own server with mods you choose.

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