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Guitar covers, and my band!

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Fellow Doomers! So I used to make guitar cover videos... I wanted to get back to it recently, but wanted to know if it's even worth it now. I've only uploaded them as a means to see my own progress as I've learned over time, but maybe some of y'all will find them entertaining. I might make more for the hell of it.


A link to my YouTube playlist.


Also, I make my own music now too. I've been using Reaper for about 7 years now, but only until about last year did I get serious and start learning how to mix/master my own stuff. Here's a song I've made recently. Any critique on that would be fantastic, whether its about quality of the mix/master, songwriting, or whatever really. Just want to get it out there and get some feedback.


Feel free to share your original works as well! I'd love to hear if anyone else makes music, regardless of the genre.

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