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What is the best DOOM .wad / level review in idgames?

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Forget the best levels, mods and .wads. I want the best review in idgames/ Go on... review the review and why I should read the review you feel is the best. Is it funny? Is it accurate? Is it so inaccurate that its legendary?

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Some decent fans of mine reviewing Doom Core:



Put as much creativity into the review as the author did into the map design: this is an idiot wad for 12yo idiots. When revenants and pain elementals get thrown at you on map one, coupled with dull shoebox design, it goes straight in my trash bin where it belongs.



most of the map are maze, the gameplay is not so old school as people say,you're quickly bored of playing because of being lost in the level.like reverie, this is pure crap.valkiriforce stop mapping and players avoid this big shit.0/5



one of the most stupid megawad, the try to make a non linear gameplay and fail shit.


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My favorite review I've ever received is on SpaceDM9:


"well I was hoping to see more than 3 maps, I hope more are coming up soon. 3 maps, 3 stars."


(they actually gave it 0 stars)

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On 2/13/2018 at 11:04 PM, Cynical said:

The best part of this thread is the totally random wads it's kicking to the front page in the sidebar.  Suddenly, the Yiffy Furry Mod is really popular!

Much like eating Tide Pods, the unintended side effect is publicity and fame.


This thread is making me reevaluate my review process.

Edited by geo

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On 2/16/2018 at 5:09 PM, Glaice said:

That was me WAY BACK in the day, I was still stupid and immature 14 year old back then. I'm really sorry people had to experience that teenage idiocy of mine. Shambler66 was one of my earliest online aliases before I went with Mr. Chris then Glaice.

Gotta respect someone admitting his mistakes despite being behind the anonymity of a computer screen

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