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Guess no one knows.

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Does anyone have a link or website link I could use to import this song: Into my doom WAD? Also is there a way I could make it play after the player dies?


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Ok , in this order:

- You need something like "aTube Catcher" to download and convert a youtube video to mp3 or some audio format
- With Slade you can make a wad or pk3 file to add custom content to Doom , the mp3 in this case 
- This Doom file needs to have a SNDINFO lump so GZDoom or Zdoom can recognize the mp3 file

- And you can do the "song when dying thing" by DECORATE or ACS:

       + If you use Decorate you just need to create a custom class based on Doom Player and between 
          the Death State you need to add a line of code with something like:
                       TNT1 A 0 A_PlaySound([the long name of your file]) ...

       + Or if you use ACS , you need to download ACC , search for the ACC compiler with slade , and 
          then make a Death Script and compile it.

That should work.


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