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Top 10 Doom .wads

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Hello, this is my top of the best wads and megawads that I have played, you can also leave your top down and recommend wads.


10- Epic 1

9- Epic 2

8- Ultimate Simplicity

7- Uac Ultra

6- Pirate Doom

5- Scythe 2

4- Valiant

3- Hell on Earth Starter Pack

2- Knee Deep in ZDoom (but i don't like the custom monsters)

1- Hellbound.


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Posted (edited)

1. Deus Vult II

2. Evirternity

3. Valiant

4. Doom Tribute

5. Hell on Earth Starter Pack

Edited by SkepticalRowan : changed my mind

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On 2/12/2018 at 5:39 PM, Spectre01 said:

Hello friend. Check out this thread for people listing and ranking their top 10's.


@David_ @SkepticalRowan


Welcome to Doomworld! Enjoy your stay!


Thanks for the comments. I suggest you go to the thread that Spectre01 posted and post your rankings in that thread, so that they get added to the full Doomworld Community tally.

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