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25 years of DooM

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Well thank you all for the kind words. I'm glad those old maps entertained people for so many years. Some of my first maps are over 20 years old! Time flies eh?


As for the few mentions of using my textures, have at it. I'm glad theres someone getting use from them.


Over the years, I come by Doomworld on occasion, just to see whats going on. This particular year I was compelled to post because of the 25 years. I still feel a bit of nostalgia for good old DooM! I even installed it again, and intend to download some maps this weekend for inspiration. The last time I uploaded a map was maybe in 2005? "Still kickin" which was intended to be part of a mini series Aardappel, myself, and a few others were trying to put together. I'll have to see if I can still toss sectors around. I was an avid user of Wad Author ( I know, I know ) but I'm not sure if it'll even run on win10....or if I can find my non-shareware version! I might have to learn all over in Doom Builder. I hope not!



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Doom Builder's very user friendly, you usually see results pretty fast, if not faster than older editors. Helps there's a 3D view ala BUILD.

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The interface of doombuilder will probably be kind of intimidating because of all of the buttons. A lot of the shortcut keys from wadauthor made their way over to doombuilder. The main difference between wadauthor and doombuilder is that you would generate polygons with wadauthor that you would manipulate into the shapes you want. With doombuilder you just point and click vertices do 'draw' your sectors just as you would with the Polygon tool in Microsoft Paint. Modern iterations of doombuilder are really good at interpreting what you meant to do, which means it's getting harder to break your own maps, meaning you can map pretty carelessly and doombuilder will be pretty good about stitching vertices together and closing your sectors to prevent most visual and nodebuilding errors.


You can also float around and edit the map in "Visual Mode," get a visual representation of potential visplane overflow areas with the "Visplane Explorer" view, automatically align textures, generate curved lines, generate stairs, merge or disconnect sectors from one another, and a variety of other useful knickknacks that simplify and speed up the mapping process. 

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1 hour ago, kdoom said:

I was an avid user of Wad Author ( I know, I know ) but I'm not sure if it'll even run on win10....or if I can find my non-shareware version! I might have to learn all over in Doom Builder. I hope not!



Didn't know this; I too was an avid WadAuthor user but made the switch a few years ago to Doombuilder.  Wadauthor still works in Win10, mostly; I still use the editor for certain things.   Also Wadauthor is freeware:  https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/93968-wadauthor-is-freeware/




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Welcome back! It's always great to see a beloved community veteran make a surprise return :)

Congrats on starting a mapping format feud, lol. Some of us here do still love building for vanilla (myself included), but modern Boom ports are by far the most popular mapping target nowadays. Whatever you choose to make, I'm sure folks here will be happy to play it!


If you're considering Doom Builder, I'd recommend anotak's Doom Builder X as a speedy and well-maintained version. There will probably be a learning curve coming from WadAuthor, but Doom Builder is worth the trouble IMO!


If by any chance you do decide to map for vanilla, there are some new tools available like Visplane Explorer (which is also available as a Doom Builder plug-in!) and Chocorenderlimits that help take a lot of the guesswork out of avoiding visplane limits and HOMs.

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