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Unconventional: A Birthday Speedmap for a Friend

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Here is another speedmap, this one however has a reason to exist... Sort of...

Stupid story time with Josh:



I was looking at advice given to others in old threads about getting back into mapping and I stumbled across the idea of "putting yourself in a situation where you are not mapping for yourself", "putting yourself in a situation outside your usual style" and "Mapping to a deadline"... I decided to do all 3 at once.


So, my good friends birthday is tomorrow and I decided to give them an unconventional gift on top of the one they already received, I decided to give them a Doom map.


Now, my time constraint was heavy (it's tomorrow, well today technically) and the shape of the map was their name (with happy birthday was above it, classic automap bullshit) and I had to connect and add to it, the experience of making this was quite exhilarating to be fair and I think I did an alright job.


The funny part is they've never played Doom and don't even own it and that only dawned on me 3 hours in like an idiot, yet when I showed some progress to them they loved it so I continued.


And here we are, map "complete" and "ready for play" (Probably isn't, it's well past 3 AM over here and I'm exhausted). On a whole, I'd say this was a fun experiment, I really enjoyed doing it and I hope she enjoys her map... That she can't play...


Happy Birthday!



Map information:

Game: TNT (as always)


Engine: Boom (as always)

Build Time: about 6 hours non stop, my head hurts.


I'll update stuff if it needs it when it's not like 3 in the morning.



Shitty video link



Download: UNCON.zip

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A nice idea. Hopefully it was well received. Maybe even a bridge into the awesomeness of Doom, as it's not too difficult or too long. I didn't see any errors or anything. Thanks for making.

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