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Let's givin' up... Too bad...

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I give up looking for the master levels…
Nobody seems to have it (mmm really ? ;-)
Or seems to send me a beautifull and nice copy just for me (bouh !)
If you change your mind, contact me ;-)
I know you don’t like pirating but… Who never have a game copy in its own hands ? ? ?
It’s too hard to trade with id when you’re living abroad (in France for exemple…)
International check aren’t accepted and I have no international credit card.

I think I can wait till the end of times before idsoftware distribute it freely…

Is there any program like Zdoom for Wolfenstein ? ? ?
I can’t have any sounds with it on Win2k…
And can’t change the size of the screen…
(it looks awfull on my 19’’…)

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There was a GL Wolfenstein engine, but I don't know where it is anymore.

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