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Can't use Brutal Doom's resources

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I've been trying to make a remake of a map i made, to make it more realistic i wanted to use the BrutalDoom.pk3 that i downloaded a while ago. The thing is that whenever i try to load, this error shows up:5a83ad819bb4a_Fuckingshit1.png.b5dba6cae436891f3d28287edf7a851e.png


So i tried to fix the problem by renaming the file:5a83adb0d29e5_Fuckingshit2.png.270fab0bd991323440590682d976a21e.png

But it says access denied everytime i try to delete/rename the file inside the .pk3 file of Brutal Doom. What should i do?

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when does it say access denied? when you have made the changes to the pk3 and try saving the pk3?


the only reason I can think of that would cause this is if you don't have proper permissions for files inside of e:\terminus\gzdoom. maybe try moving the pk3 to your desktop and fix and save the pk3 there and see if it still tells you access denied

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