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SLADE's inability to see a texture in PK3


For some reason despite it being clear as day, SLADE can't see the location for this coin object despite it being in a fairly obvious location. If its not clear, this is using a PK3 format rather than the standard WAD format. Anyone know how to fix this little error with SLADE so I can finally have a working coin object that I can use for making an in-game shop mechanic?


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The usage for the "Coin" sprite is for the HUD (Inventory specifically since it's a currency) however this coin will use a 3D model as the in-game object but the 2D image when in your inventory. As for the idea of a "graphics" folder or a "textures" folder, this makes little sense to me... sorry... :l (Not to mention there doesn't seem to be a simple way to path the location of the folder and the image inside it...)

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It depends on what your intention for the Coin.png is. If you intend on using it as a menu or HUD graphics I would put it in the graphics folder, if you are using it as a sprite i would put it into the sprite folder but if you want to use it as a texture I would put it in the texture folder. It is clear as day on that end especially when using Doom Builder 2 and Zdoom (or it's children) as your test engine.


In your case I think you want to use it as an inventory icon. Is this correct? If so you need to rename the file to COINA0 so that the editor and the game recognizes it as a sprite and not as a simple graphic. Then in the line that says inventory.icon it needs to read Inventory.Icon "COINA0" and not "COIN.png". Let me know if this helps.

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Inventory icons don't need to be sprites, they are graphics. For example the invulnerability items in Heretic and Hexen use ARTIINVU as their inventory icon lump.

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