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Adding additional textures


So I am having some issues adding more textures into my wad.  Most of the time, I can just use TX_start/end, but a lot of the packs us PP_START/END and have a Texture1 and Pnames file with them.  Therefore a lot of the textures come as pieces to a greater whole and therefor I have a lot more difficulty.


1.  So how would I combine multiple patch texture whatevers into one wad?  


2.  How do I extract a FULL texture that is made up of patches from a wad or even a iwad like Doom.wad?


I have been using adobe to "patch" them manually but with dozens, if not hundreds of textures that will take a lot of time.






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1 minute ago, Zemini said:

I have been using adobe to "patch" them manually



You mean you use Potatoshop to recompose by hand the composite textures to make single-image versions? If that's what you want to do, SLADE can do it for you automatically. Open the texture editor, select all textures, and then export them to images.

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Well I been using Photoshop a lot for making new stuff.  I can pretty much make a new monster variant in minutes.  Far more useful then the recolor tool in slade.


So I can just double click the texture1 file and export it out?  I did that but I dont see where it went. 


I am just trying BIGDOOR1 as a example in the iwad.  Under the wad itself it only has  it just Door2_1



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The "extract" option is to turn the selected composite textures into files; the other is to turn them into lumps in the current archive.

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