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MAPINFO inspiration

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I'm working in a retexture set dor darkforces and i'm trying skies, i think it's interesting:




map e1m1 "IMPERIAL"
levelnum 1
next e1m2
sky1 skylay1 0.05 //The stardestroyers
sky2 skylay2 //Tatooine




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14 hours ago, ReX said:

Ha, ha! That is so very cool! You must release it when you're done.


i see your comment in another post about panoramic skies (1024x128)

I'm trying to use this doublesky def with this dimension but GZdoom display only squares (no find the textures)

doublesky it's not compatible with panoramic?

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As far as I know, doublesky does not require any specific dimensions. In other words, panoramic and/or tall skies will work fine with doublesky.


One thing to keep in mind is that doublesky requires both sky textures to have the same dimensions. Do both your sky graphics have the same dimensions?

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Now it's working!

i don't know what's the problem... maiby some problem working with slade, really i don't know. The fact it's that it's working.

It's funny to think you solve my problem in another long time ago post :-P


My mod!:



Thanks a lot!


Edited by WARDUST : ortography

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I've been playing your mod, and it looks fantastic!


Although it's very cool to play The Ultimate DooM maps with your mod, I think it would be great to have custom maps to go with your resources.

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I think so! My next step, brightmaps and decoration sprites (this in the weekend). Also brick textutes. Thanks man! Happy with your comments!

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1.6 done

Corrected brightmaps, replaced decorations and more retextures.

If you have any suggestions, comments etc i'm pleased to hear :-)



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Never ceases to amaze me how many fresh ideas we're capable of squeezing out of such an old game... Looks great so far!

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