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old school

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well i found and bought a 286 system today from some computer shop, funny cause the guy said it didnt work. however after i reset the cards and redid the BOIS it started working. I was only going to take the case RAM and hard drive( for my tandy system) however this one works.

it also has a hard drive, and its pre IDE too. I have a few questions.

first, how long was AMD makeing CPU's cause this 286 is dated 1988.

second, the hard drive is very old(1987). thus it predates IDE, so i want to know what was the standard back then. IDE was around cause another tandy system i have has a 8-bit IDE controler card.
however this 286 has something i have never seen. it has 2 connectors, one is small and short( this has to be the power and it comes from the controller card) the second is long and similar to the older floppy connector just bigger. also this connector is labeled 'winchester' on the controller

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AFAIK IIRC, some of the oldest x86 chips had "AMD/Intel" stamped on them. I don't really know what conclusion to draw from that, though.

As for what came before IDE, you're probably looking at ESDI for controlling the hard drive, if it's not SCSI. I don't know if SCSI existed back then.

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