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Best doom weapon by game?. (Doom 1, Doom 2, Doom 3 & DOOM)

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For me it's like this:


Fist: DOOM.

Chainsaw: Doom 3

Pistol: DOOM.

Shotgun: Doom 1 & Doom 2.

Super Shotgun: Doom 2

Chaingun: Doom 1 & Doom 2

Rocket Launcher: Doom 1 & Doom 2

Plasmagun: Doom 3 (it feels great)

BFG9000: Doom 1 & Doom 2


How it's for you?

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Fist: DooM 3 (Dat fleshy, fappy sound doe)

Pistol: DooM/DooM 2 (Fast fire-rate)

Shotgun: DooM/DooM 2 (Does damage further than 1 inch from the barrel)

Super Shotgun: DooM 3 [Resurrection of Evil] (God was the gun OP XD)

Chaingun: DooM 3 (660 ammo, insane damage, great accuracy. Love it!(Also I'm on about the ACTUAL chain-gun, not the assault rifle!))

Rocket Launcher: DooM 1/2

Plasma Gun: DooM 3 by a VERY tiny margin! (Fantastic sound)

BFG9000: DooM 1/2 (DooM 3's version kills you if you charge for too long... not a fan) 

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Fist: Doom 64 (I like the model much more than in the other classic titles).

Chainsaw: Doom 64.

Pistol: Doom & Doom 2.

Shotgun: Doom & Doom 2.

Super Shotgun: Doom 64 (can't love the firing sound enough, and the power of course).

Chaingun: Doom, Doom 2 & Doom 64 (stunlocking enemies is great).

Rocket Launcher: Doom & Doom 2.

Plasma Gun: Doom & Doom 2.

BFG9000: Doom & Doom 2.

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