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Drake ekarD

Doom 3 nightmare playthrough

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I decided to do a playthrough with the Perfected Doom mod and a couple of my own modifications. I did enjoy it to some degree, there are a few errors here and there, and some things were changed. I do intend on doing a play through of the Expansion as well when I get the time to do so.

The graphic overhaul I liked, the weapons secondary fire and special fire was a nice touch. The pathing could use some work in some levels for the AI. Avoid getting hit by barrels, they do insta-kill if thrown by an imp, and if you happen to kill the imp just as the barrel hits you, it causes an overflow that crashes the game. I do recommend giveing this a go if you like Doom 3. It is worth a playthrough, and has a few added levels, I will add those later, but not on nightmare.

Another note is this Nightmare mode was different, health didn't deplete and you don't start off with the soulcube. Not sure if that was intended or not.


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Doom 3 is pretty much the only Doom game which I have actually done a nightmare run through.

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