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"The Dark Fortress (Version 2)" and "The House That Sits in the Center" Video

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I have recently released a new version of "The Dark Fortress" if anyone interesting.  I have felt the prior version wasn't challenging enough or shall I say the fun factor was not quite on the par.  In Version 2, I have eliminated the Nazi soldiers and the poor dogs with some more Doom 2 normal enemies and some scarce ammo as well as a rocket launcher in the level (you have to search for it which shouldn't be too hard if you decided to play this version).  I have also suggested to use an enhancement of a mod to increase the fun factor like Brutal Doom or in this case like in the video, Project Brutality.  I have provided the two links of the maps if you decided to take a stroll on both of these:


Download Link for "The Dark Fortress (Version 2)":



Download Link for "The House That Sits in the Center":





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