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Miles Lowroad

VGP Deathmatch Beta v1.2

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In light of current events, Valhalla Game Plays has made major changes to their latest release of VGP-Deathmatch. I would like to make it known that we are a growing and learning community with the intention of giving back to the Doom community as a whole. We have no mal-intentions towards anyone and only wish to learn and develop. We have been working hard for the past 3 years hosting via Zandronum, providing dedicated instances for the purpose of development and nostalgia. I have been playing Doom since its inception, love it,  and hope that one day my crew has the skills to make maps that people like. For now, we are willing to take your feedback no matter how vicious. Here are our latest changes:

- Unused textures removed
- Proprietary .mp3's removed
- Map flow and item placement fixed
- Visual improvements
To do:
- More specific credits
- Complete revamp of VGPDM12
- minor fixes




VGP Deathmatch Vol. 1 (Beta v1.2)  
Playable Beta is now available via Doomseeker and IDE!  
[VGP][DEV] VGPDM Beta 1.1  
- Total overhaul of VGPDM12
- Revisions to VGPDM06
- Lighting changes for VGPDM01
- Credits for music, textures, and skyboxes
- Readme updated  


Skulltag resource:  











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The first two screenshots look quite good, although I question their playability in deathmatch terms: they look like they could work for LMS at best or otherwise would work as coop maps. But, no offense, the third screenshot has to be the ugliest screenshot I've seen in the history of doom. Surely you got something better to show than that?

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