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Looking for a solid,simple megawad.

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I hate wads that are easy to get lost in. Also wads that can be very difficult for average or new doom players. So i'm kinda looking for a wad that has a enjoyable diffuculty. Simplicity. And basicly a gives out solid gameplay. Like most vanilla doom 2 levels. I have played ConC.E.R.Ned wad before. it's a very solid ultimate doom wad with 3 episodes replaced. So yeah it can be both doom 2 or ultimate doom.

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Moonblood by Deadwing is excellent and has been released recently.


The Rebirth by Björn Ostmann. It has a few modifications but nothing serious and has compact and cool layouts. Really easy to navigate in my opinion.

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Revolution! by Thomas van der Velden. Don't forget to download the MIDI Pack, composed by community people, if you're going to play it.


Echelon by Soundblock. A simple, compact, but fun and enjoyable zdoom megawad with several custom elements for beginner-intermediate players..


If you don't mind the total conversion, Shadow of the Wool Ball (by MSPaintR0cks), can be a good option as well. It's not a full megawad with 32 levels, but it has 3 episodes, with 6 levels for each episode, that worth to play at least once. There's even a sequel of this one, if you're looking for some more from this.

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Fava Beans for Doom1 is simple, straightforward fun


Scythe for Doom2 gets hard at the very end but is otherwise enjoyable, never had any issues with getting lost


I made a little 7 map mixtape a few years ago called Sinister Seven and people seemed to find it pretty easy yet fun to play


There's loads more but I can't think of them atm

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You might want to add this to your ConC.E.R.Ned experience. If not, then these are my suggestions:


Requiem is one of my first experiences with megawads, it's also old and outdated, not super entertaining but has a bit of everything in Doom 2 and more, I liked its custom textures and stuff.


Operation BIOWAR is quite easy overall and has some neat textures. A bit like TNT except all the maps can be done in 5-10 minutes.


Doom 2 the Way ID Did is a megawad that tries to recreate the maps according to the authors of the iwad. Solid job imo. The prequel too.


Jenesis can be harder at times and also dickish but is overall on the easy-medium side, you'll never get lost btw.


Might also suggest Hell To Pay, another commercial megawad similar to Perdition's Gate, and Kuchitsu which isn't a megawad but I read it's kinda easy and old-school, and it looks very neat.

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Just play on easier difficulties if you need to. Sunlust, Valiant, Ancient Aliens, they are all actually pretty simple in terms of progression and mainly combat based. No one gives a shit what difficulty you play on as long as you have fun. You can always start on UV and move down a difficulty step if a level is proving to be a tough nut to crack.

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