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Help with my Hub!


Do you know how Quake 1 works?  If not I am making this...



           -----> MAP01 ---> E1M1, ect, and back to MAP00

MAP00 -----> MAP02 ---> E2M1, ect, and back to MAP00

          ------>MAP03 ---> E3M1, ect, and back to MAP00



Seems pretty simple right?  However things are not working when I either ACS teleport to a new map or do it as Linedeft 74. (FYI I can't teleport to ExMx Maps)  It either skips the MAP levels and goes into ExMx, or it just decides to work...   I need the MAPxx to have a intro txt on the intermission.  I have spent several hours trying to get this to work - and even changed level numbers but I dont know why lindef 74 action doesn't work.  I have attached my sample wad. 






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I checked out your map (specifically, the MAPINFO), and it seems to work as intended. The only "issue" I noticed, was that in Episode 2 there is only one playable map before the ENDTEXT, while in other episodes there are 2.


It was not initially clear if you intended this mod for The Ultimate DooM or DooM2, so I played it both ways. Playing it with TUD gives the intermission text, but lacks the relevant textures. Playing with DooM2 gives the proper textures, but not the intermission text.


As for not being able to return to MAP00, you will need to have the relevant linedef (Type 74) set up in each map from which you wish to return to MAP00. I'm not seeing that anywhere.

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Doom2, but I am using both mapxx and exmx map names for sanity sake. Could that be part of the problem?


I think i do see some strange problem on MAPINFO.  I plan to test it out more tonight thanks.

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