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How to form a plan in chess?

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Here's a link, not the study I recall, but making a similar point:



I don't think players tend to carry a diagram like yours in their heads, but certain features are pertinent when having to choose quickly where to place a piece so that it is further from a knight (in knight moves, rather than geometrically). It is certainly second nature for players to know that two squares diagonally is a long journey for a knight ("knight check shadow"), and that three squares horizontally or vertically comes next. But most things of this nature are rather concrete and by dint of experience, with the edge of the board (and/or other pieces) a factor in most cases. For instance, a black knight on b7 losing to a white pawn on a6 (in the absence of other relevant pieces), or the knight's weakness in the endgame against rook's pawns in general. Of course, when mate is in the picture, putting the king two squares diagonally from a knight is often far from safe, as the knight covers plenty of squares near the king, but if you are trying to keep the knight away from a passed pawn of yours, it may well be ideal, as it means the knight is unlikely to gain time with a check at some point. But all such sequences need to be calculated carefully in any case, as the knight might find a 'turbo-charged' route by other means. Another knight-specific nugget that is often useful is a set-up like wKg1, wNg2, bQg3 - the black queen can't continue checking, which might give you the respite you need to pursue your own plans or to bring in extra defenders.

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@Grazza Thanks for the links. I've dabbled a bit into chess programming - nothing serious. I imagine that, one day we'll have enough computer storage and power to completely solve chess. No time soon, though :)

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Almost certainly impossible, actually, within this universe. Hard physical limits and stuff.

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I have the ultimate unbeatable strategy!

I call it: Operation KAMIKAZI


What do you do? Attempt to checkmate yourself within the first 20 moves.

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