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9/11 Dedication Wall paper =| please no negative comments ...

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some of you might not care for the issue but im doing the deed for my friend to spred this around , she didnt ask me to , so im doing it under the table , shll be surpised when she wakes up in the morning , but this wall paper was made by Girlz - Starlight - the leader of the girlz clan http://www.girlzclan.com , one of her members was a Victum to the Sept. 11th Disaster , and she made and dedicated this wallpaper to her , its very touching and i thought i would share it with you all


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thx =)to keeping troll free , as fer the wall paper , tell starlight what you think , the link to her website is there ..indykat was a good friend of hers, indykat is umong the 6000 missing, and shes been helping out in newyork to find her remaines =\, im just doing the deed of spreeding her wall paper around, for ppl to see it ect ect...

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I really like it. the poem is nice and the skyline is great. I saw the lights from my house in brooklyn, though faint and far away.

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