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My Vehicles.pk3 has become broken.

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Hello, I have run into a new problem today which happened once before, fixed itself...now has happened again.

My WAD, in order to work to it's fullest, uses models that represent subway trains. At first, my WAD and the pk3 with my models in it worked together fine...that is, until I loaded them up in ZDL to try and test with a friend. This is how my WAD ended up looking.



When it should look like this.


It appears that many sprites and textures end up following the train movements and often flicker. If I load up the WAD without Vehicles.pk3 or turn models off in game, all the sprites and textures go back to normal save for the sky....but of course, no trains then.

This never happened until I tried to play online with a friend a week or two ago. After a PC restart it all went back to normal for both online and single player. So today we went to try again and what do you know, this happened once again. The first time my friend didn't experience this problem, the second time he did. But he says he fixed it by turning the render to software, closing and changing it back to opengl when reopening then closing and reopening. This didn't work for me....and I can't think why. It even continues to be like this in single player...so if it fixes itself again it'll be any time and not really helping me figure it out. After he fixed it, and we connected everything was fine for him while for me it really wasn't.

Here is the WAD on dropbox that we were going to play. This is the same file he downloaded.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/hfgxkcrtsu84ep3/GTA Doom v4.8 - February 2018.rar?dl=0

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Although the map is like a slideshow on my computer I must say that I love the looks of this map.

Cudos to all involved.


I took me a while flying over the city but found that park eventually. This is what it looks like on my screen:





with GZDoom 3.3pre-403, loading all 3 pk3's.


Edited by Kappes Buur

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A couple of odd behaviours when loading/starting the files:

1a. loading the files by dragging them over the engine icon starts the game.

1b. loading the files by means of a batch file chokes the engine with a MODELDEF error.


2a. when played with Zandronum the map starts here




2b. when played with GZDoom the map starts here



Edited by Kappes Buur

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Ahh yes, that's the spawns I have. It seems Zandronum is using the normal player starts (but in deathmatch it will use the deathmatch ones) while GZDoom is using the deathmatch ones straight up even in single player. It seems I didn't tell them not to spawn in single player, I'll change that!

The batch file tells me it doesn't recognise the train carriage model as an unknown actor type.
"Execution could not continue

Script error, "Vehicles.pk3:modeldef' line 3:
MODELDEF: Unkown actor type 'TrainCarriage1'"

Is what it tells me, so....why would it not do that otherwise then? It's always loaded them before...like you say, it still does when not done by batch file. I have to admit, I don't commonly use batch files, would have missed that otherwise, thanks!

But aside from that....everything works on your end? It loads up all there is and it's all there? To get a clearer image of what I see, here is what happens in Zandronum for me.



Now, here are the differences when I have models turned on and off.



And, to my surprise, in GZDoom, it almost works...almost, except the for the models.



The actor loads at least in GZDoom, I can hear the trains as they pass by, even use them as they stop...it's just neither the sprite or the model will load visually.

Once more this happens to me in both online and offline modes.

If you want, here is the full gallery.

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If I may make a recommendation:

You made your pwad in the WAD file format. With as many resources as you included, maintenance will become quite unwieldy. I recommend that you convert to the pk3 file format. That will involve a bit of work to accomplish, but in the end it will have been worthwhile.


If you want a guide of how to do this, then have a look at Enjay's pwad Gene-Tech: Before the Storm . Every resource has a niche which is easy to keep track of and maintain or update.

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