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jDOOM, Defs and on big frag...

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I got some questiones about the "ded" files of jDOOM (defs folder)
I guess these files are kinda scripts or something, is that right ?
Which files doing what - which files are loaded on default ?
Is there a way to change the standard hud ? (the sprites look terrible)

Thats all for for now - only one thing: doomsday really rox :)

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'XG.ded' defines new custom line and sector types (including scrolling flats and textures, ambient sound and colours - learn xgdaa reference to fiddle with these).

'Values.ded' defines weapon anims and ammo properties.

'Finales.ded' defines the interlude screens that usually tell the ongoing story - with InFine scripting these can include animations, sounds, lighting effects and opacity.

'Text.ded' defines the pickup messages, map names, author names and interlude text.

'Sprites.ded' defines the sprite 'groups' for each object in the game.

'Special.ded' defines special particle effects and lightsourcing for sprites.

'Objects.ded' defines all the information required by sprites, plus allows you to create brand new objects, powerups and enemies without replacing the old ones.

'Maps.ded' defines all the map names and sky info.

'Lights.ded' defines custom lightsourcing on objects.

'Details.ded' defines which textures have distance-based hi-res modes.

'Audio.ded' defines the music lumps/mp3s/cdtracks and the sounds in the WAD.

'Jdoom.ded' defines which of the above defenition files are to be loaded.

I think that's the lot...

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