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Music Softwares?


I have FL Studio, but what are the main music softwares that people like to use when they make their MIDI soundtracks in their levels? From what I've seen, people are not too fond of having MP3 files in levels because that usually increases the size of the file drastically.


I know how to add the music into a level, I'm just curious on what most of the Doom community likes to use when making music?



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OpenMPT is practically a midi-music player. Provided you got the sample and have a good skill in making songs, OMPT has you covered! Plus it can help make Midi files!

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I would not recommend FL Studio unless you have some kind of knowledge with DAWs or sequencers first, due to the work flow being pretty convoluted, but if you know your way around it, FL Studio comes with enough stock plug-in instruments to get the job done.


Any DAW that has a MIDI editor will work. Reaper is free and has a MIDI editor. Then you just need a sound font and a plug in that will load the sound font into your DAW, or any VST plug-ins will work really. You load each instrument onto a track, and edit them in the midi editor. I have a free drum kit that is soundfont, so you can load it directly into a DAW and have a full drumset, if you are interested. You can find other instrument VSTs on Google.

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