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A question about playing Doom blind... literally.

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Now I know we have heard of playing games blind (i.e. for the first time) and whatnot. And we've all seen the stories about people beating Dark Souls with bananas and DDR jump pads and etc. But has anyone played Doom and it's derivatives blindfolded and actually beat a level (or an episode or the whole game)? I know this would probably be close to impossible on the higher difficulties, but would it be feasible on the lower difficulties? Maybe...?? If so, is there any footage of any badasses doing this?


I only ask because I remember back in the day day, when Hot Shots Golf 1 came out on Playstation, I played that game SOOO much that I thought I could play it somewhat decently without looking and having a person there for directional assistance on occasion. I never did try it, but it's an interesting idea. I figure if any gaming community could do something awesome like this, it would be some Doomers. 

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37 minutes ago, Eris Falling said:


Unfortunately, without some type of camera on his face while he's playing I'm dubious of whether or not he's playing "legitimately" blind. But if he really was, kudos to him.

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There was a thread a few months ago about a mod to help actual blind people play Doom. You could do a forum search and probably find it easily enough.

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