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I was hoping that someone would attempt to modernize this game. The original was ugly, buggy, and controlled horribly, but I really liked its overall style and intent. This is from the same guy working on BloodGDX.



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My problem with M210's ports is that they are Java applets, and I have an irrational dislike towards Java. I know it's no valid reason to dismiss these projects like that, I appreciate the job done with both games (especially with Blood where the code was part reverse-engineered and part reconstructed from the alpha leak).


There's also the problem with both ports based off code that was not legitimately released to the public, but personally I'm more or less fine with that, at least until a more legal valid alternative shows up (EDuke32 folks may have something in the works).


That said, I only played the TekWar demo a bit. I liked how they tried to create realistic environments, although admittedly the execution falls short of the ambitious goals in this department more than once. However I cannot say that gameplay was particularly enticing, on the whole the game felt more like an interesting historical curiosity than a source of entertainment.

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I believe BloodCM runs on EDuke32, but what I've heard hasn't exactly been positive. I know that some people don't like that BloodGDX and TekwarGDX both utilize Java programming, but I have no idea what that would irk some people.

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