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Anyone familiar with the TEN community project? Lost on map 8

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Even with IDDT I have no idea where to go, it shows the way to the rest of the map but you can't shoot the wall, or open it, or anything:



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This was too good to believe. I kept thinking "just...jump the gap. to the platform across from you. It has to be possible, right? Right?"


Surely that can't have been the only obstacle. I mean, it doesn't exactly take a rocket scientist to deduct that you'd need to jump across the gap to the platform right in front of you. So I caved in. I got the WAD myself. Booted up to MAP08. It....it was the solution. As soon as I made that jump no man had dared to make in the past, walls lowered and the map progressed.


Why does this thread exist? Didn't Ling warn you to stop making these useless question-threads?


i had a good time, 5/5

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