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Virtual Reality Doom WAD Viewer for Google Cardboard

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This is pretty nice, especially for being done from scratch. The only comment I have is that there are actual doom source ports (Doomsday and GZ3Doom) which support VR

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This is great, I actually really prefer the more sightseeing type of experiences in VR as opposed to hardcore gaming. BUT: It crashes on on launch on my Samsung S8.


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Man, this makes me wish I had a VR device.


Quick suggestion: allow the player to turn off the "player start" and "teleport destination" sprites, to increase immersion.


Also worth noting is that for TCs like Batman Doom which use DEH files, the sprites corresponding to the different thing types may have been switched around, which results in odd things when viewing the maps in your app (e.g. boss sprites drawn in place of regular enemies). It might be nice to allow the program to read the DEH file somehow to reflect the actual in-game sprites. Or just give an option to turn off all sprites completely. 



What are some interesting WADs I should check out in VR?


- Deus Vult and Deus Vult 2, full of excellent vistas.

- Vrack2

- run buddy (because of how big it is)

- Gravity (especially map 2!)


I don't remember if they all use the vanilla engine though.

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On 2/23/2018 at 10:30 AM, ukiro said:

It crashes on on launch on my Samsung S8.

That's too bad. I'll see if I can figure out why that's happening. For what it's worth, I've been developing it on an HTC One M8 phone.


As for the Freedoom screenshots, there's an existing Google Cardboard Doom port called DVR that did that in the app store, so I followed their example. Even for a free app, it's better to not use copyrighted material in the advertising, so that's pretty much what Freedoom is made for.

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13 minutes ago, komojo said:

That's too bad. I'll see if I can figure out why that's happening.


Let me know if you want me to debug anything—I have Android Studio installed.

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I took a bit of a hiatus from working on this but I'm back with a small update. I just updated the app to version 1.1 and there are a few improvements.


I'm pretty sure I figured out why it was crashing on some newer devices, so that should be fixed now. I also added a few more features in this version.


There are a few more options:



You can now teleport from the auto-map (now I'm surprised I went for so long without this feature)



You can also choose to teleport around the map rather than moving. I added this feature to help reduce motion sickness, but it's also convenient for getting around quickly.



If you tried this last time and it didn't work, give it another shot because it's probably working now.




From equinox.wad



From steeptown.wad

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First time I am seeing this. Very great idea actually, even though I am running iOS. Gotta try this on one of my friends' phones.

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