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My new map.

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Hello! This is my second time uploading a map. I tested it with Zandronum. I Used Software rendering and freelook is allowed, crouching and jumping is allowed too. You MUST play this with TNT.wad or else there are gonna be a lot of missing textures. Type in console MAP MAP31 to play the map I made. I Only made 1 map. There are no mods. Textures are only made by Id software and TeamTNT. The map is pretty easy for skilled players. 


Here is the link! Have fun!  http://www.mediafire.com/file/2nlmbe55bae459f/pharaoh31_fnshed.wad


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Here's my first demo attempt with some commentary. Sorry, I think I said this was your first map a couple times.


Overall, solid design and pretty good recasting of Pharaoh. The combat, even if it is supposed to be much easier than Pharaoh, could use a little work - not a ton.


Thanks for making. I look forward to more of yours.



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Pretty nice and actually fun. Two things I noticed.


1. You used animated switches twice. The first time you used BLOD3, which makes it an animated texture, but doesn't change the texture when you use it like a switch. You'd have to use SW1SKULL for that. The second time you used it correctly. I wasn't sure if the first time was intentional or a mistake.


2. The tops of the columns in the exit room are only 32 units below the ceiling. The Lost Souls on top of them are stuck and can't move.


Overall, nice work.

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I did a review/FDA myself and also may have mentioned it being your first map a couple of times... *collusion intensifies*



Pharaoh replaces map31 in tnt.wad and is (shockingly) Egyptian themed. I found the map itself to be bland both in looks and gameplay. It was a series of brown corridors with flickering lights killing mostly imps and then about 6-7 pain elementals.


I found the gameplay overly easy and the fights not very entertaining. There was an abundance of health and ammo (megasphere + backpack at start is a bit much) and the layout lead to cheese where I could easily hide behind decorations and avoid all projectile damage.


The high points of the map were the sarcophagi and mummy. If there was more detailing like that and more of an Egyptian element (brown textures + anubis texture don't make the map feel very Egyptian-y in this case).


I'd have preferred more map variation, kinder lighting and harder encounters. A readme is also very useful - https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/docs/editing/wadtempt


It was a decent effort for a second map and I'd be interested in seeing a sequel or revamp.


Thread/Download: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/99294-my-new-map/


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