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bit of Wolfie stuff

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Hey, maybe this isn't on topic, but I kind of like it. Wrote this a year ago.

...Level 4

Up till now, it's been a piece of cake. These German guards are hopeless, always caught out with their back turned, and terribly slow to react. Terrible for them, that is. Was the possibility of escape from Wolfenstein so distant that no-one put in any contingency plans? It seems so. Right now, you're entertaining a lot of hope for the future.

Mid level, however, everything changes, without much warning. At first, you're running along a blank corridor, towards a deserted alcove, when who should be there but three infantry. You duck back, barely able to avoid the gunfire. They're still stupid enough to come walking around the corner, however, and you pick them off at your leisure. Challenge disposed of easily, open the door beyond.

You see a massive hallway stretching out in front. You can't see anyone here, but that might just be because of the lines of stone passages and glowing yellow lamps. Something, some sixth sense, tells you this way is watched.

Standing in the doorway, you shoot a single bullet into the air.

Instantly you hear yells, screams, and then a German infantryman comes into view. One shot takes him down. But two more have appeared, and they've seen you. You fall to the floor, shooting furiously, and silver bullets whizz in the open doorway. One of the guards goes down, a bullet in his thigh, but two more have appeared by now, both shooting right at you.

You're realising what a bad position you're in. You can't duck out of sight without crouching up and exposing a larger profile, and lying on the floor like this there's no possibility of running. So you roll along the floor, hearing all around you the whistle and pang of bullets, flying and ricocheting, shooting up small rocky shards in the floor beside you, and the heavy boom of your machine gun as you fire round after round at the Germans.

One falls. Two more fall. Then it's silent in here, except for your heavy panting as you lie against the wall, feeling lucky to be alive. It lasts about two seconds, then you hear a door open, somewhere to the left of this hall. It spurs you into action. You start running, sprint pell-mell for the doorway on the far side of this hall.

It's a hall shaped like a huge cross. On your right, a door leads to a dank series of rooms built from red brick, and on your left a guard has just emerged from a blue stone prison area. He shouts and shoots a single bullet, but you've already flown past behind a pillar.

This doorway on the far side is unknown. With no time for reflection, you haul it open. It shows you a wide passage, running crossways to the hall, and seemingly deserted. It widens at either end, and you decide to head left, shoving new bullets into your gun as you do so.

No shouts. But somehow you hear the sound of running feet behind you. You whirl to see two German guards running toward you, wisely keeping their mouths shut. It wasn't wise enough, for now you casually shoot them both, before even a single shot is fired in return.

You continue the way you were. Here the passage widens. Wary of an ambush, you come to a stop, then spring forward, gun trained on the left wall. A guard stands there, gun at the ready, a snarl on his face. Your shot came even as the first patch of brown appeared, and it smacks him in the wrist, forcing him to drop his gun. Your momentum carries you forward, and now you're worried about the right alcove. Sure enough, as you hit the earth and roll, a bullet hits the wall above you. You know better than to stop moving, and continue rolling, while more bullets strike the surroundings. You tense your muscles, then in one smooth motion turn your head, raise your gun, letting your circular motion do the work, and fire a single shot into the heart of the huge guard. His face goes purple, his arms stiffen, and he crashes dead to the ground.

You look back at the first guard. He's not dead, not even wounded seriously. In his bloodsoaked right hand, he holds the gun he just managed to pick up from the floor. It's not pointed directly at you, and you have time enough to a fire a short staccato from your gun. The bullets puncture his neck, releasing a torrent of blood which pours down the front of his shirt like a waterwheel. The expression on his face has frozen, and he falls forward to the ground. A messy death.

More noise. You look along the passageway, and see a guard emerge from the hallway door. You're sitting up, gun trained and ready, and the guard doesn't know where you are. Perfect kill.

You stand up. The joints have come in for a bit of a battering, but you're still untouched. You walk to the doorway and heave it open.

Wow. What a space. You've never seen such a large indoor area - it's like a storage yard. The area straight in front of you, and also to your right, hidden behind the passage wall, is open and bare. Further away, are two squat, heavy structures, ringed by passageways. One is built from grey stone, one from blue. They are markedly different in character to the officers' mess and prison cell areas you've seen so far.

And there's infantry here. Everywhere. Three are in your immediate vision, and staring at you. But they don't have their guns trained - if they had you'd be dead now. Instead you whip the machine gun up, fire a wide burst that makes the guards duck instinctively. You sidestep, this time taking care to aim, and shoot the nearest guard in the chest. He doubles over, screaming in agony, but through the squeals you can hear footsteps, multiple footsteps, coming from the hidden area on your right. This is turning out a lot hairier than you were hoping for...

The first return bullet is fired, and you feel something nick your lower leg. Your next shot takes out another infantryman, and now you see four German guards rounding the corner. They've all spotted you, and the guns are coming out.

You run. Forward, over the two dead bodies of the guards. Towards the squat, sturdy buildings at the back. Gunshots ring out, and they're closer than ever. Shelter, in the form of a passage round the blue building, is desperately far away, but you keep running. A shot catches you in the left elbow, causing you to scream out in pain, and instantly the sleeve of your shirt is wet. But you keep running, gaining acceleration.

The passage. Quick. You duck around the passage wall, and you're shielded from the infantry. For perhaps seven seconds. Looking at the blue stone building, you suddenly hear a chilling sound from within. "SCHUTSTAFFEL!!" comes the cry, and the door right in front of you opens wide, revealing an SS guard in full uniform.

You're numb with shock, but still you're able to fire a burst of four bullets into the SS, who burbles up blood and falls backward, to reveal a second SS, standing behind him, and drawing his machine gun to fire. And you can hear the sound of a second door from the blue building opening, a door not twenty feet away which will give the third SS a perfect shooting angle.

Only one thing you can do. You run forward, aiming your gun for a head shot. No time for gut wounds, you need to get out of gunshot and quickly. The SS guard has just brought its gun to bear as you fire your gun.

His right eye gushes over with blood, and his head whips back. For a moment he seems to hang there, suspended from string, as you run pell-mell for the door and shelter. Then he falls back, allowing you to jump the first body, shoving your way past his still-falling corpse, as bullets from both the third SS and infantry behind you strike the door.

This building seems to be a security complex - strong, with a number of pillars provided for sniping. You run around behind one, worrying about the location of that third SS, and there seems to be something on the ground here.

Could it be...

You lift the heavy thing wonderingly, stopping even amidst the battle to admire the deathly design. It has an ammo strap, which you curl around your shoulder, heedless of the running and shouting. The gun feels heavy, hanging horizontal at waist level - a chunky piece of deathware.

The Gatling gun.

The noise is getting closer than ever, and now you whip around, firing nonstop from the gun, which bucks and churns in your grip...

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Hey, not bad, man! Write some more Wolfie stuff in the future-it could be as good as this!
/me gives you a Nobel Prize for writing good fanfic

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