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Doom 2 - Map 28 Enhanced

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This wad replaces map 28 for doom but I've fixed some of the missing textures and made the level look smoother and a bit more difficult, There is also one new secret


This map supports different difficulties


If you just want to see the map then use the cheat idclev 28


Here is the link


https://www.dropbox.com/s/08q8byhr88l8cv4/Spirit World Fix.zip?dl=0


It requires the doom2 Iwad, I tested it using GZDoom and I didn't use jumping, but I used freelook







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Heh,your modifications are too minor,you just kinda added some zdoom features and unnecessarily fix some minor errors.Its fine if you just modify it because its your own perfect version of map28,but this doesnt tickle my interest.I just want more original content next time :)

Also specify the compatibility next time,cause you only said you tested it in gzdoom,you didnt say it was for gzdoom cause hexen format and some features used.

Edited by Catpho

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