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Want to know how common it is to have keys in maps that aren't required to get to the exit

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Been powering through Surge and I can't remember many maps that did this.  I'm almost certain it doesn't happen in the iwads apart from perhaps traveling to the secret exit.

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Aside from E2M2 which was already mentioned, I'm pretty certain that MAP19 "The Citadel" does not requires all 3 keys even though they're all presented in the map. You can exit the map using the red skull key plus either the blue or the yellow skull key.

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As far as iwads, and as far as off the top of my head:



E1M3 (secret)

E1M4 (eliminates some backtracking)


E2M1 (secret)

E2M2 (secret)




E4M5 (I'm not including most shortcut/speedrun tricks, but this one is just too obvious)

E4M6 (I'm pretty sure one key just gives you the invulnerability to kill the cyberdemon easily)


Doom 2

Map 15 (just a secret, not the secret exit, if I remember correctly)

Map 19 (just need two of three)



Map 11 (you need either red or blue, I believe)




I'm picturing Map 09 having the Doom 2 Map 19 concept, but I'm not sure they're not all required elsewhere...



Seems they stopped doing that or I know Doom a lot better than I thought, compared to 2 and Final.

Edited by HAK3180 : Just remembered Abattoire

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More common than you think I reckon.


In Foursite for example, I used all three keys specifically for encourage backtracking to unlock secret areas.

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