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Gzdoom doom ii bug

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Need more info... screenies would be a start to help identify what maps and positions this is occurring at for troubleshooting, also what version of gzdoom you are running, and iirc you are on mobile so you're using either the dead program D-Touch or the currently updated Delta Touch to play gzdoom on mobile, which may be coded a bit differently to account for the different hardware and OS. All that said, this could be just as much a question for @beloko as for @Graf Zahl.


But you have to gather more info; gzdoom should have no issues rendering most levels, especially the iWad levels, so it's probably not a gzdoom-specific issue unless some option in the menu can have this effect.

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On 23.02.2018 at 9:29 PM, Error-404 said:

When playing the Doom 2 iwads on gzdoom, I have issues with see through level geometry?

Yes you do... do you?

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