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Brutal Doom Local Multiplayer Not Connecting. Please Help

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Hey guys I've been trying to go local on brutal doom v21 and can't seem to join the server. I succeeded in creating a server using doomseeker and can join the server yet when my other computer tries to connect it fails to do so and instead "connecting to *ip address*" keeps popping up endlessly on the command console. 

I have also tried to do a more manual approach using ZDL but I still have the same problem.


Can anyone help?

I would very much appreciate it! :D

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can't say I have a good solution, but I remember having this same problem years ago too. I think I was able to sometimes fix it by using "connect localhost" instead of using the ip

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If both computers are on the same network then Tango's solution should work but if you're still having trouble feel free to ask.

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