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Chamber of Sin - Classic PSX DooM map project

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Chamber of Sin




Hello dear Doom Friends!


As crazy as it may sound but I made my first DooM experiece on the playstation when I was six years old. Since then I've continued to watch and play DooM (mainly on the PSX versions) over the last 20 years. The lack of Maps compared to the PC version always bothered me and I praised the lord when the Total Conversion PSX mod came out and with the lost maps aswell. I didn't want to play them if it wasnt with the Total Conversion Mod. After a while I thought to myself I should try to make my own map with the more 'classic' Doom feeling to it and here we are.


If I had to pick a few maps which inspired me the most I'd have to say - redemption denied, o of destruction and against thee wickedly, really loved those but they felt a bit too easy at times.


The core concept is a three-way start. Three portals to three different parts of the map reaccessible though some sort of puzzling through with all 3 keys. A bigger room in the middle which is also the starting point of the map with a cyberdemon sitting atop of a plateau under a blood star and HE WILL SEE YOU... through half the map. I wanted an open, yet closed map style where one had to be careful of him at all times but also deal with the rooms itself. There are different weapon types for each section and the ammunition should just be enough.

I've tried to make it fun to play while staying hard without any overloaded monsters or unnecessary difficulty


--- (stuff for later when I upload the actual wad)

I've included the necessary files into the Wad and you can run it just fine with the Total Conversion Mod if put into it.

The main Wad used was the Doom2.IWAD even though I've used most of the files from the PSXDOOM.pk3 of the Total Conversion Mod.

If you enter the main menu via singleplayer there's only one map to play, only one difficulty.




I'm editing this map since the last two'n'half weeks and I was a total noob who had to learn every little thing about editing so far and I try to finish the map in the next 1-2 Weeks at least. I don't know if thats rather slow or normal but I've tried to make the textures align and pay attention to detail which sometimes took 6-8 hours without me noticing and if the inspiration is gone you gotta take a longer needed break sometimes.





Your opinion is needed! which of the following tracks do you think fits the best? let me hear your thoughts :)
















The screenshots may not be the best but I took them to finish this off for today and I know theres still alot of brightness sector adjusting to do ;)

Until then,



Edited by RedemptionDenied

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@RedemptionDenied you could have edited that screenshot into your original post, best friend

speaking of the screenshots, they look pretty flat friend, you should take some time and try adding more height variation to some of those areas pls :c

otherwise they look nice and exciting yay

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hey bonnie, yes! high variation is important and I totally agree, theres actually quite a lot of ups and downs in the map and one route is specifically designed to fight your way upwards from a kind of catacomb like grove. I made some more from a different area of the map.









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Sunday 25th Feb update:


Hey Friends,


added more pathing through 2 parts in an interconnected waterway system which hints at 2 locked key doors plus some goodies stored behind them and two one way exits. Also some major lighting/brightness improvements were made and the right side of the main room looks like a bit of a skull.. maybe with some treasure behind it ;) .. all unintentionally.

That's all for today.













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Monday 26th Feb update:


Hello again,


more lighting/brightness improvements were made all around the map and I've added some fancy inbuild wall blue flame sticks (the first two so far) I've always loved the theme of playful lighting and catacomb like atmosphere they give.

Really, Lighting makes all the difference just look at the ceiling and the shadows they throw in the two pictures, it gives weight to the room and makes it look more 'realistic'.

Added a secret room with some nasty suprise hidden in the dark, aswell as a glimpse of another semi-secret room.


I've also updated the main post asking for your opinion on which track do you think fits the best in this kind of map, I've picked three of my favourites but I cannot decide yet maybe you have a good opinion about one or the other :) ^^

thats all for today,











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Sunday 4th Mar update:


Hello again!


As I'm somewhat away from my main pc and also helping out the family with some work, I had less time to keep on editing the map unfortunately but none the less I kept going and added four more rooms which are part of one of the opening routes. Also I want to remind you guys that I'm still in for your opinion about the theme music (updated first post).


Here is a glimpse of the recent work I wanna share with you :)


Cheers and until next time!



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