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Swimming in GZDoom fog effect?


I'm making a map with swimmable 3d floors, is there any way to add a visual effect when the player is underwater? Right now, there seems to be almost no difference between being above water or below. I want to try and add a "fog" effect when the player is submerged. Any help?  

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You would need to do as Empyre suggested. To expand on what Empyre said, you'd:


1. Need to assign a tag number to your control sector (i.e., the sector that tells the game about the underwater special).

2. Use an OPEN script to assign the underwater color & fog effect.


Here is an example for a control sector with a sector tag of 100:

script 1 OPEN 

    Sector_SetColor(100,56,128,255);            //Color of water (blue)
    Sector_SetFade(100,56,128,255);                //foggy underwater

This gives a translucent, turquoise-colored underwater environment. You can modify the colors and degree of fog to suit your needs.

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You can color the lights in the control sector for the 3D floor, which will color the light in the water. You can do the same thing with the fade color settings.

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