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I'm doing a TC project (not the one those who witnessed my stupidity know) and,since I hate the FreeDooM font,I want to know if I have to:

-have to make them from scratch;

-borrow them from a mod with permission;

-borrow them from a mod with crediting;

-Something else.

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I THINK you're talking about the message fonts and stuff, but in the off chance that you're talking about fonts for stuff like level names on the intermission screen:




Here ya go: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mcrojdbb3za2bk3/Bitmap Font Writer.zip?dl=1

That includes Bitmap Font Writer + a bunch of Doom fonts.


You may have to fiddle with the font settings a bit though to get it the way you want. Be sure to crop out any stray areas when you copy/save the images.



Otherwise mr. buur over there probably has you covered.

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I usually select a TTF font from one of the Free Font Sites and install it into

Windows, then run it through Bagheadspidey's Font Generator.


A while back I made a tutorial about how I import the font into a pwad.

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Realm667 has a few pre-made fonts that you can download. A while ago I was trying out the Doom Font Gen but you have to make sure that your chosen font is not too big, too small and contains all the characters to make it worth using. Thank you @Kappes Buur for your tutorial I would reference it in the future.





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