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I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

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Mass extinction WIP

Map08: Tournaisian

Map09: Visean

Map10: Serpukhovian




This time E2 theme with a twist, some inspiration from the first E2 map from DTWID beta version regarding to trees.

I've mapped E1 before and I love doing it but I think I feel more at home with E2 textures, next maps will feature some cement and ick, this will be very theme-ish. Some bug may appear I hope it doesn't, your comments are important so feel free to criticise, I want this effort to become a good mapset!

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3 hours ago, Austinado said:

Man...you are killing me...but yeah..it is what it is. Thank you for playing my map ;)


I haven't played the map, but in general I find Barons very hard to use - They just have way too much health and are difficult placement wise. A map centred around them is difficult to do well.

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11 hours ago, HAK3180 said:

Admins, is it possible to restore a previous edit history of a post? I seem to have accidentally deleted 16 pages from the original post's table of contents.


Your OP appears to have been distressingly large so I doubt it.

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You appeared to have edited the OP, which is 180 kilobytes of HTML, on at least 483 occasions. The server does not enjoy loading these 483 old versions when trying to show the edit history. Make a new thread and make it smaller ffs. Please never edit a thread 500 times again.

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