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1 minute ago, Myst.Haruko said:

Don't be so lazy, include main information in your first post. Use this thread as reference.


sorry, I just want to share the hell with others) it's wad for Doom2 (zdoom mod), 5 levels, it's gonna be more if someone like's it. here is image of first of it


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With the spine texture that was going up and down and the entire inside of the room being red, I felt like the glitchy room with the imps that you couldn't escape from was the mouth of some sort of monster. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the room had a different purpose.


That being said, I agree, that if you have an inescapable room of death (or, at least, a room that you mean to be an inescapable room of death), you should at least do one of two things:

1. Give players fair warning that they need to turn back. If they keep going, they got what was coming to them. Perhaps that was the idea behind the weird glitchiness with the flashing and disappearing textures.

2. If players somehow managed to survive (maybe they had that invulnerability sphere), it would be nice to present players with some way to get out of the room. At least part of the floor was damaging, so players had the option to commit suicide instead of cheating.

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