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yip dee da!!! i shal regoice!!

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my dumb ass self have fixed my faulty hardware!! yay!! i got my tnt2 working and i have also got my hardrive working under windows 2k. the stupid registry size was 19 megs when the default was 18 and it was too big and i had 600 megs left on it and that cause major problems. and tjhe hardrive is now working cus it has some bad sectors on it but now it works fine.
i rejoyce as my 12k mp3's come back to life!!!
/me dances to flock of seaguls - i ran

so what does this mean?? well i can play jdoom and quake2 with open gl (holyshit) and other games on this overclocked p2 233@250 mhz badboi!!

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bah, i dont post that much and when i post, i tell soemthing thats on my mind or something thats been my goal for a while so shut up.

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