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Naked Snake

First Person Shooter Lounge Vol.15

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Duke:BigBadGangsta hasnt writen a FIRST PERSON SHOOTER LOUNGE in a while.

DOOM:I thought he was dead.

Caleb:Well hes obviously alive and kickin if he is writing this story.

Duke:Maybe ITS A BOT!

DOOM:No cause bots are stupid.Cajun bot is the only good bot.

Caleb:I liked that other bot.What was it called?

Duke:If you cant remeber its not that good.Now S.O.B bot for Duke Nukem 3d now theres a BOT!

Caleb:All bots suck.I hate bots as much as I hate DOOM and Duke Nukem 3d.I hate all your popular websites too!
*Ling of DOOMWORLD comes in with an AK-47*

Ling:Oh yeah?ALL of the popular sites?

Caleb:Yeah and just who are you?

Ling:Your god!
*Ling blasts a hole in Caleb's chest and then leaves to work on DOOMWORLD*

DOOM:Did you see that one coming?

Duke:Didnt have a damn clue.

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