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Some new screenshots

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Man, it's been forever since I've put up some new screenshots...

http://members.shaw.ca/timstump/images/zdoomgl_24.jpg - showing the new particles
http://members.shaw.ca/timstump/images/zdoomgl_25.jpg - sparks
http://members.shaw.ca/timstump/images/zdoomgl_26.jpg - particle blood
http://members.shaw.ca/timstump/images/zdoomgl_27.jpg - showing the slopes (just a nice screenshot, imo)
http://members.shaw.ca/timstump/images/zdoomgl_28.jpg - again, just a nice screenshot

Also, don't forget to check this: http://members.shaw.ca/timstump/zdoomgl/zdoomgl.txt for up-to-date development information!

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