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best depiction of hell ever and best "realistic city" wads

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recommend me two wads


one that has the most epic depiction of hell, in my opinion deus vult 2 was pretty intense


what about a realistic city map? with textures etc, but maintaining a retro style, kinda like the duke 3d maps but more detailed

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2 hours ago, NaturalTvventy said:

Yeah I know this one, it's cool from a experimental perspective but it's an unplayable mess at least on my computer.


I would like wads with custom textures, from duke mostly, since the duke textures are perfect for retro style cities. The doom textures suck for cities.

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My personal favorite hells are in Demon Eclipse episode 2, Doom 64, and Hellscape. I haven't thought as much about city maps, but I remember being quite amused when I played through Chex Quest 2 for the first time and realized how much more convincing its city was than Doom 2's.

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