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Wavy Water

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I'm actively making a highly detailed DOOM WAD and recently realized that it was missing something: Wavy Water. How exactly does one achieve this? I've searched, searched, and searched, yet I still can't find any information let alone anything loosely related to this topic. If anyone out there is blessed with the knowledge on how exactly one achieves this, I respectfully beg you to teach me.


P.S. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'm referring to the smooth water effect used if popular WAD's such as Winter's Fury, Knee Deep in ZDOOM, etc.. If you still aren't aware of what I'm talking about, then look up either of the WAD's listed and view the liquid in the maps.






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Defines a warping effect for flats and textures. This will make the flat (or texture) warp similar to the water in Quake or Q2. This effect can also be used with sprites. As with other animated textures


example :


warp flat BLOOD1

This has to be done in your ANIMDEFS lump, create one if you haven't already, use Slade for that.

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Also, you could put the water on a 3D floor, and then use Ceiling_Waggle on the 3D floor's control sector to have it bob up/down. Almost certainly not what you were asking for, but it's an extra thing ya can do if ya want. Could even make it swimmable while you're at it.

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