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Gzdoom Feature Request: Console Doom Style Visual/Audio Feedback for Missing Keys

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Forgive me if there is a forum to make these kinds of requests elsewhere, or if this has been asked before..


The Request: In the Playstation and Nintendo64 versions of Doom. There was a key hint system that flashed the needed key in its slot and played the health pickup sound 3 times. This visual and audio feedback informed the player they needed this particular key to progress along with the commonly used text that pops up on screen. The only time I seen this feature outside it's original port was in Doom64 EX when Kaiser made the effort to make his port as authentic as possible. I wonder if the same is possible for making it an optional feature on Gzdoom due to the number of Console Doom mods available like Playstation TC and Doom 64 Retribution making it's debut utilizing a lot of new Gzdoom features. It could save any of us a lot of trouble trying to script it in or add more authenticity to possible console Doom style future projects.

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On 2/27/2018 at 1:35 PM, Houndoom said:

Forgive me if there is a forum to make these kinds of requests elsewhere


About this part, ZDoom related suggestions are typically made on their forums.

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