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Bowser's Castle in DOOM! (And quite possibly the most useless port in the history of Doom)

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Doom has had many things ported to it, including homes, levels, and painstakingly good architecture. All of that pales in comparison to the wide gaping hole that's missing in our lives.


That's right, fellas, I hath filled that hole with a kickass port of Mario Kart: Super Circuit Bowser's Castle Track 1! Nobody asked for this.








Behold its marvelous and faithful reproduction here on your own Doom engine! No longer will you have to wallow in eternal sorrow, forever waiting in vain of this beloved masterpiece! For I, your newly-favorite mapper, am a generous mapper, offering the greatest DM map, if not the greatest map ever, to grace your forums! Or the stupidest.





Play in Boom, or try your luck on your grandma's 486 and play it there! I have no fucking clue if it works in vanilla.


What can I say except, "you're welcome!" 

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Now write a racing minigame in ACS, port the other SNES MK tracks and you've got yourself a good quality 'joke' wad, heh.

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