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dobu gabu maru

The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

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I feel NoisyVelvet will be the only one to complete all the maps, without resorting to god mode, resurrection, or give health commands even.


The Phantasy Star series had Espers long before FF6 did.  But I digress.


Map 31: Unusual Frag-filled Odyssey (cheats used)

    This map is the embodiment of repetitive, grindy gameplay.  When I first sampled this map, it didn't take long to catch on to the apparent gimmick.  Go through many rooms of the same enemy type, hit switch at end, archviles spawn at entry point of wing, one layer of center releases more of same enemy type, pick up bigger unlimited ammo weapon (sometimes).


Millenia: "This is boring."


  Got through 2, maybe 3 wings before deciding this wasn't fun for me.  Was especially not liking the idea of grinding through the cyberdemon wing.  Ended the session.  This would have been the end were it not for a freakish idea that popped into my brain some days later.  What if instead of grinding down everything myself, I got cyberdemons from the cyberdemon wing to do the work?


  Thus, began a god mode assisted, tour of this wacky map with mobile weapons of mass destruction.  Later, I would come to regard this as a poor life choice.  "Eternal" is a fitting word to describe my completion time.  I terminated archviles with extreme prejudice but left most of the killing to cybers.  Was also armed with foreknowledge of which parts close off at a certain point.

  There were the entertaining moments such as fetching more cybers when cleaning out the revenant and arachnotron wings, as well as a few others.  I could have done this segment without cheats but this was more entertaining for me.  The eruption of greater violence, when it came, would have got me.  Sure, I was being a dirty cheater but I still keep an eye out for how things would go without them.  So many archviles, aaah.  313 megaspheres on this map but fails to matter to a corpse.  I think dealing with all the resurrected monsters killed off another 6 or so cybers but I wasn't keeping close count at this point.  By the time all the lesser monsters were put down again, I had gone through 12 of the 16 chambers of cyberdemons.  Next set of actions is going in the hit the switch there, then luring them out for the further violence to come.


  I was a bit shocked I hadn't quit out of boredem yet but this late in the map, a new enemy is introduced.  They look like cacodemons but are really Keith the cave Baron's genetically modified murder cacodemons.  The other demons wrote him off as more dumb muscle as ineffectual as a lamppost in wide open areas.  Keith possessed an unnatural intelligence which he put to use in scientific pursuits.  His scarlet devils are fast and belch out ordinance on the level of a Touhou or Dodonpachi enemy.  What's bullet hell doing in my Doom?  Ahem.  The revenants that taunted him sure had second thoughts after an encounter with these monstrosities.


  One invulnerability won't be enough to clear out the several hundred archviles lying in wait though it is still welcomed as a start.  I had some 25 or so cyberdemons (in various states of health) stomping around to start; amused me that none survived the storm of spiderdemons, archviles, and other monsters.  Meticulously cleaned out every wing of waiting archviles before starting the last task of the map.  Having several hundred archviles loose would not be a good thing, god mode or no.  They would throw me everywhere and undo all the previous killing; the monster counter had already exceeded 12000.


  The last trip is simple enough but so repetitive.  Hit a switch, run to platform that lowers that holds the next switch.  Repeat 16 times.  Why, dammit?  Oh, each step releases more cybers but they're simple enough to evade if one doesn't feel like fighting them.  My sanity was mostly shattered when the exit was reachable and I left without finishing off the stragglers that were still alive.


  Whatever feelings I have about this map, it sure made an impression.  I'm never playing this map again.



Edited by Crusader No Regret

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oh wait now I remember MAP31, probably my least favorite in that whole set, sorry but it was literally the one map I skip and I rarely, if ever, skip maps in any set.

5 hours ago, Crusader No Regret said:

The Phantasy Star series had Espers long before FF6 did.  But I digress.

Honestly I don't even remember those, unless they were only in PS4, which is the only core Phantasy Star game I haven't seen yet. Then again, so far I have not enjoyed the Phantasy Star series.


Hello Grandia II reference!

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MAP24 - “64lemons MAP01”

I like it when slaughtermaps are this size, its just right! Add in TODisms (im coining this), and you got yourself an example of an enjoyable small slaughtermap. The maps progression is not that hard to figure out, but it still left me satisfied when i beat it! Visual are easy on the eyes too.

Im not really fond of the music tracks keep getting reused tho, gets pretty old imho.

Some screenies:


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+++ Mayhem 17


And much respect in advance for anyone who can pistol start uvmax mayhem17's map11 by Killer5.

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19 hours ago, Crusader No Regret said:

I feel NoisyVelvet will be the only one to complete all the maps, without resorting to god mode, resurrection, or give health commands even.


I've been making sure to chunk out blocks for this each night.  I use saves and stuff on long maps.


Eternal Slumber Party: MAP24 - "64lemons MAP01"
Playtime: 45 mins (prb+ cl2 uv)

Another basic, short symmetrical map.  Not much to say here.  This one has a harder start than map22 though, and it opens up the play area at the top of the stairs, but it's sorta similar otherwise.

Eternal Slumber Party: MAP25 - "Nina Dobrev 2"
Playtime: 52 mins (prb+ cl-1 uv-saves)


The second half of Nina Dobrev, which is thicker than her first half.  Nothing really stands out to me here from other ToD maps, except maybe the automap quirks: The layout has orthogonal components, but it looks like they were slightly melted and then turned 20 degrees clockwise for some reason.  There's plenty of ammo on the map, but I ate up all my rockets first and 2/3rds into the map, I didn't have enough to eat through a fight without resorting to cyber infight damage here.  It was the bridge that decends into a lock-in hallway with hellknights backed by a couple cybers, which separates you from the cell stockpile before it.  There's also an inescapable pit around this area, but I doubt it's gonna be an issue for people, I was playing with saves anyways.



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26 minutes ago, dobu gabu maru said:


Add pluses to your vote ya dingdong


+++ Mayhem '17




and +++ Hell Revealed 2


+++ Super mayhem 17 merio ftw

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MAP19 - “Cassie Steele”

This is such a cool map. TOD transcend into one of the best doom mappers in my book after this :D

Instead of the normal bfg fueled slaughterfest we got used to in this set, this is non linear adventure map, and its a darn good one. The detailing pairs perfectly with the music, creating a dreamy, surreal mood and feel. Gameplay involves carefully shooting the mid tier doom 2 monsters and hitscanners, as the precise health given and the lack of armor could make any bad move fatal, but somehow the map keeps its adventures feeling. Non linearity is superb here, with the map connecting itself with ledges, shortcuts, passageways... All the good lighting, sector machines/buildings, architecture all add up to make this map a experience that will not be leaving your memory any time soon.

So cool! (yea i cant stop praising it :P)

Map was originally made for Final doom the way id did.

Screenies! (But you can only do it justice by playing it):


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8 minutes ago, Grain of Salt said:

Swim With The Whales, Combat Shock 2, Italo Doom


OMG! After what ESP did to us this month! Here's a Haiku describing these wads.

Sadistic mappers.
These wads rip us a new one.
Oh my butt is sore.


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3 minutes ago, riderr3 said:

To honor the memory of TeamTNT member, Jim Flynn who recently passed away , I will vote even more for Master Levels.

+++ Master Levels
+++ The Standard E1 Community Project

Hmm, that sounds right too...

Wait a second, wasnt Jim Flynn "Titan" series only 5 maps? Then we could combine it with mayhem 17, because i remember mayhem 17 wasnt a full 32 level megawad.

If thats the case:

+++ Super mayhem 17 and "Titan" series

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quick update on my absence: yeah, i totally went against my word, but March turned out to be.... busier than  usual. Not enough time for ToD maps anyway, so I'm sorry for that. FWIW, I've slowly been playing along at my own leisure and i DO intend to finish the set. Anyway, don't care what wins but Mayhem 17 sounds cool, so



+++Mayhem 17

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wow.  i... i did it...  my chest feels several times lighter now.  I contracted an illness and started coughing up metallic flavored phlem over the last couple days, but I unjokingly feel better and relaxed.  I'll say more on the 30th.

edit: i'm talking about getting through ESP.

edit2: i mean literal chest cold irl; above could be interpreted figuratively.  post made hastily, during a triumphant brain-high.



+++Super Mayhem 64

edit3: nevermind, for some reason i thought it was close between A.L.T and Mayhem but I only see one vote, nm i'm just dumb all around.


I'm gonna lighten up on the Doom for a while.  I'm just pulling a NuMetalManiac and throwing a vote on something I already played, despite not being a regular, because it might be fun to actually play something like A.L.T. alongside the club after another month.

Edited by NoisyVelvet

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Gotta finish Dholes! Can i make it? (3000 mons in!)

MAP26 - “Ben Stein’s Money”

This is just weirddddddd, and i dont think its the good kind of weird to me. Those nazi textures, that music thats genuinely horrible as oppose to the "crazy" degrassi music, and gameplay that's so easy it rubs me on the wrong side :P Maybe its because of its origin as a speedmap thats doing it, because the few cool design choices wont save it. All welp, at least it was short and fast.

I kinda like these names for some reason. Sure, they are totally random, but when i pronounce them they fit!

Some screenies:


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Boy this one sure died.


MAP20: Double Imp Act


This one was actually pretty enjoyable, despite 640 monsters (which I suppose can actually be considered on the low-end for this mapset) it's pretty dang easy, lots of small fry intermixed with some cacos, barons and cybers, all stacked up like cordwood in tight spaces to be easily blown apart with the BFG. Things are still a little hairy at the start with the lack of armor and needing to parkour on some tiny sector bumps to grab resources outside, but it's just enough to give a bit of vigor to the proceedings. The completely Doom 1 bestiary combined with the old-school 'reality' design (sector toilets!) makes me wonder if this is a very early TOD map.


Cleared everything out, couldn't find the exit though...?

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Double Imp Act was quite fun, however after killing everything it took me a few minutes to get the last key.


I guess I don't need to talk about "sense of location" for this one. If the theatre theme doesn't make it through eventually, you've probably never been to one. This map felt somewhat DukeNukem-ish to me. Shooting grates open, activating small objects that are supposed to resemble something you'd expect to find in a theatre and such.


Gameplay is pretty simple around here, and most of this map's monster count is lower tier "fodder" with the occasional cybie thrown in to keep things interesting. You BFG all the visitors out of the place with impunity and you shall win, that's the gist of it. I didn't find any sort of "standout fight" in here, because it's all relatively similar overall, except for maybe the barons on the toilet. Ousting the other customers out of this place made me feel a bit like an asshole though, especially interrupting the barons at whatever they were doing before I fried them left a bit of an evil grin on my face.


All things considered it's not a hard map by any stretch of the imagination, but compared to other maps in this megawad it is a lot more detailed as far as "micro detailing is considered. Most maps up to this point have been painted with a broader brush, sans "Cassie Steele" I suppose. I am looking forward to double impse act

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