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Papers, Please - The Short Film

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A few days ago a 10 minute film based on the game Papers, Please was released on Steam. You can watch it for free, and you should if you've played the game. You also should if you haven't.


This this is amazing, and it's the proof that it's possible to make a film adaptation of a game that doesn't suck. We don't need 2 hours of filler content, just something short and straight to point.


You can also watch it in YouTube if you want to. Just remember to turn on captions if you don't know Russian.

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Yeah I saw it too. Good for the 10 minutes it offered and had a perfectly bleak setting, just like the game. Not wholly accurate to how one might play the game, but does it need to be?

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Hell of a day for that guy!


Amazing to see its a 4,000 subscriber reward, has a million+ views and they net 4,000+ more subscribers.


I'd never get past security, there have been arguments about my eye color, even at the DMV. Eye color? Blue. They are not! Looks... yellow? * Other employee hears this * No one has yellow eyes, they're green. * third employee walking by leans in * Looks grey to me.

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Ive seen papers please,seems like a cool game, but i was reluctant to buy it and just watched a playthrough :p

Nice film,captures the feel of the game pretty well, but was kinda hoping those "freedom fighters"(the EZIC i think?) showed up, but welp

Also, the inspector looks like spock XD

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